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March 08, 2006


Then I second guessed myself about whether I knew how to spell it properly and when I looked it up, learned you can spell it either way!


Thank you, commenter...but, see, I just got to the comma section of the book and have learned that those little curly period thingy's are to be used at the author's whim. And while you may prefer a comma there, I do not. There are a lot of choices in life and isn't it liberating to know comma usage is one of them!


Ironicly enough, I didn't read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. A few months back I downloaded a set of audio clips recorded from the BBC radio series "Cutting a Dash". This was Lynn Truss's effort before writing Eats, Shoots and Leaves. If you can track them down, I highly recommend it.

I hope my first comment didn't seem mean, I was just poking a bit of fun. In fact, I find it refreshing that someone cares enough about grammar these days! Kudos to you!


No problem, commenter. We should all be concerned with the bad grammar problems of our world. That's our real enemy!

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