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June 17, 2007



Just to say that you have taken the most beautiful pictures of my country that I have seen lately.
I was born in Lisbon but now I live in Alentejo (southern Portugal).
Please do come back and visit other cities.
And if you allow me it´s called "Boca do Inferno" without the El. El is a Spanish word not Portuguese. You can say " A Boca do Inferno" but in this case it´s just "Boca do Inferno"
Thank you for showing my country.
A big Hug from Portugal.


Thank you for the lovely compliment, but taking beautiful pictures of Portugal isn't hard, its a remarkable place. I can't wait to visit the northern AND southern parts of Portugal, as soon as I get my nerve up to rent a car. Sorry for misunderstanding the "El" thing, Portuguese is close to Spanish, but I"m sure I made a fool of myself many time while I was there by taking liberties with speaking with my bad Spanish rather than miming what I wanted.


I´m sure you didn´t made a fool of yourself because eveybody in Portugal understand and can speak Spanish rather than spanish people that can´t say a word or understand Portuguese.
But I can garantee you that no one get´s offended or think your fool.
And by the way, sorry for my miss-spelling.
If you need something or to ask something fell free to contact me.
A big Hug from portugal.

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