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September 28, 2008



The open secret of modern politics is branding/story/whatever you want to call it, it's still bullshit, but like Goebbel's Big Lie you just have to keep repeating it for it to be "true." Palin, the lipsticked wingnut, Dan Quayle in drag, won't be dropped from the GOP ticket. The ruling plutocrats need her to bring the lunatic fringe to the polls. That's key to a McPalin win. Which also depends on a sub-rosa appeal to race, a dependence on the South’s New Jim Crow laws (which disenfranchise up to 3 million citizens), & dirty tricks suppression of the vote.

Tennille - the real live person

I know the game, as much fun as it is to watch I'm still terrified. This election is perhaps the strangest reality show anyone has pitched.


so totally scary: Palin is such a nightmare!!!

hope you don't mind, I tagged you in one of my blog posts. another blogger tagged me... I had no idea what it meant but then figured it out: pretty much the blog equivalent of a freakin' chain-letter.

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